Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies is Making Bold New Strides in Additive Manufacturing

Press Release 

Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies is Making Bold New Strides in 

Additive Manufacturing 

Are you Ambit™-Dextrous? 

McKinney, TX, February 9, 2018:  Hybrid Manufacturing remains an innovator with their new advancements and products. Adding to its already robust array of the products, Hybrid announces the release of its latest innovation – a patented approach for polymer extrusion in a machine tool. The newest edition, the AMBIT™ PE-1 is pellet-fed and offers up to a two-hundred fold increase in volumetric deposition rates over desktop polymer extrusion printers. This enables the rapid production of “near net” parts, tooling, jigs and fixtures. High deposition rates are achieved by using an extruder to plasticize thermoplastic composite materials for accelerated printing rates that are not practical using conventional filament-fed heads. 

The use of the PE-1 together with machining eliminates the “stair-stepped” surface finish inherent in polymeric material extrusion. This encourages even higher deposition rates making industrial production practical. These heads offer additional advantages including a wider selection of feedstock suppliers and materials by leveraging the same pellet feedstock form used for injection molding. Pellets are typically significantly less costly than filament feedstock materials making the PE-1 one of the most cost-effect means to print parts in polymer. 

Dr. Jones, Hybrid CEO says, “We are committed to broadening the industrial adoption of Additive Manufacturing. The AMBIT™ PE-1 enables machinists to dual-purpose their CNC machines as hybrids of polymer extrusion additive and subtractive like never before.” 

Hybrid graciously acknowledges the support of Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility in the development of this product line.  Please stop by Booth 1543 at RAPID + TCT 2018, April 24-26, 2018 at the Fort Worth Convention Center. For more information contact me at lisab@hybridmanutech.com or visit www.hyrbidmanutech.com