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Additive Manufacturing is our life’s work! We take pride in knowing that we remain the ONLY company that can retrofit your machine tools with additive without compromising the machine’s capability. But we don’t stop there… We can also create a bespoke machine tool and ship it to you with our heads installed.

Laser Metal Deposition & 3D Printing Solutions

Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies is pioneering the combination of industrial 3D printing (known as additive manufacturing or AM) and machining in a single machine through its patented AMBIT™ tool-changeable laser cladding heads. We are the creators of the award-winning patented series of laser metal deposition heads and docking systems better known as the AMBIT™ multi-task system.

Upgrading a CNC machine with laser metal deposition gives both additive and ‘subtractive’ machining capabilities in a single system. Hybrid machines offer new technical capabilities including in-process finishing and inspection, which cannot be delivered by either technology independently. It is ideal for repairing high-value metal components and adding features to existing parts. The AMBIT™ system is available as a retrofit for existing CNC machines or can be integrated directly into new machines with advanced functionality. Hybrid all-in-one machines significantly reduce capital costs and provide an intuitive adoption path for CNC operators.

Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies’ groundbreaking innovations have ignited the convergence of additive with mainstream machining. This contribution to industry led to Hybrid being named as the inaugural winner of the International Additive Manufacturing Award (IAMA) in 2015, the largest 3D printing award in history.

Laser Metal Deposition & 3D Printing Solutions - Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies


Beautifully executing your project is our highest priority. Need proof of concept? No problem! Send us your parts and let our experts make your project dreams a reality.
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We are so proud of our versatility. Our ability to create bespoke solutions is due in part to our amazing partnerships. Did you know that we can supply to machine tool builders for in-factory integration?
Laser Metal Deposition & 3D Printing Solutions - Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies


There are no limitations with our AMBIT™ products. We specialize in laser deposition, inspection, and composites. You tell us your idea and we will develop a solution.







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You think you know but you have no idea! We offer supreme versatility and multiple platforms customized to suit your needs. What can you imagine? Do you fancy material extrusion? Is laser metal deposition more your speed? Perhaps you want a way to inspect what you have already done? Let your imagination run wild! Whatever you can conceive, our diverse AMBIT™ product lines can deliver.

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