About the product

The AMBIT™ EDDY is non-contact and works well with a hybrid machine allowing you to machine a surface that’s smooth. That’s not been practical before for additive! Pioneering, pioneering, pioneering. It's a clean process. No coupled media, no need for dye penetrants, no media. It just works.



AMBIT™ EDDY – allows you to instantaneously know you have high quality deposition. This is especially important when depositing hard material that’s relatively brittle and prone to cracking. It not only sees the surface; but it sees beneath the surface! It fills a gap that additive operators have never had, the ability to know what’s subsurface. Not only that, but you can confirm that you have deposited the right chemistry, at least the right family of chemistry of deposition onto a part given the signature that we can read with the eddy current program.

  • A clean process
  • No coupled media
  • No need for dye penetrants

Product Specs